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Fulham United FC

Based at Hurlingham Park in Fulham

We are delighted to launch Fulham United FC and invite children aged between 7 and 14 to join our ambitious football club. The first training session is free for all new players and will run on Wednesday 23rd June from 4.30 to 6.00pm.

To register as a member, please complete the registration form and make the annual player membership payment of £110 via PayPal.

This will start from 1st June 2021 and run to 31st May 2022.

Membership includes:

  • Player registration for Fulham United FC
  • All registered players receive full Fulham United New Balance playing kit (shirt, shorts and socks) and a training jumper.
  • Full access and support to our holistic development plan including support with strength and conditioning, mental skills and diet and nutrition.
  • Presentation evening at the end of each season
  • League administration and insurance costs covered
  • Invitation to join annual football tour
  • 30% discount code at
  • 20% discount off holiday camps, birthday parties, one-to-one coaching and personal training through
  • 20% discount on all Fulham United and Sport Society clothing at New Balance Club Shop
  • 20% discount for all children’s clothing at
  • 10% discount off All Sports Summer Residential

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us directly at:


Tel: 07592093803

Registration form

Parents or guardians must complete on behalf of their child.